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YRHPK: Abeer and Mishti’s Valentine to do magic in Kunal Kuhu’s love relationship (Upcoming Episode)

Abeer and Mishti make plans to bring Kunal and Kuhu closer in love again in Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke

Popular TV show Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke is seeing lot of ups and downs in Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage life.

Kunal and Kuhu are on the way to take divorce but Kunal has developed feelings for Kuhu and is not ready to let her go.

Things change when Abeer finds the truth. Thus he promises to do everything fine between Kunal and Kuhu

There comes the Haldi ceremony of Abeer and Mishti.

Abeer and Kunal will take female disguise of Gulabo to meet Kuhu.

In between, a big surprise is coming for the fans of the show in this Valentine.

Kunal and Abeer rekindle love with their life partners

Abeer and Mishti will rekindle their love on Valentine while behins their romance, Kunal and Kuhu will also celebrate love

Kunal will gift a waist jewelry to Kuhu getting closer in love with her.

Let see if Kuhu could forgive Kunal,

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