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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka: Kundan comes to spice up Omkar and Mayura’s love life (Upcoming Twist)

Kundan gets in action mode to spice up Omkar (Sahil Uppal) and Mayura’s (Riya Sharma) love story in Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

The upcoming twist of Pinjara Khubsurti Ka will finally see the most awaited engagement ceremony of Omkar and Mayura.

Omkar’s goody image finally blossoms love in Mayura’s heart that Mayura agrees to his marriage proposal.

The joy and happiness knock on the doors of Mayura’s life when Omkar and Mayura’s engagement ceremony is announced.

Mayura is feeling blessed to have Omkar in her life as her true soul mate.

Unaware of Omkar’s true identity, Mayura believes Omkar loves her not her beautiful face.

Kundan is not going to let Mayura enter in Omkar’s world of hell, thus he gets in action to expose Omkar but it seems things are not going to get that easy for Kundan.

Kundan’s life in danger

Kundan is shocked knowing Omkar’s true intentions behind marrying Mayura.

Kundan is not ready to let Mayura get caged after marrying Omkar and thus he calls Mayura and informs her truth.

Unfortunately, Omkar gets to know everything because he has tapped Mayura’s phone.

Now when Kundan is spicing up Omkar and Mayura’s love story, will Kundan be able to save Mayura before it gets too late.

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