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Barrister Babu: Anirudh throws Bondita out of his house his life past big revelation (Upcoming Twist)

Barrister Babu New Promo: Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra) and Bondita’s (Aura Bhatnagar Badoni) teary separation

Colors Hindi TV serial Barrister Babu new promo has hit the screens where the upcoming story of Barrister Babu is hard enough to digest.

Anirudh and Bondita's marital relationship which started on a bitter note but later turned into sweet friendship is going to shatter drastically.

Anirudh believes that Bondita is studying and is staying honest towards her classes but Bondita is lying to Anirudh and is helping the fraud, Brijwasi Babu.

Anirudh soon finds the truth and is stumbled knowing the reality.

The big storm will come now when Anirudh and Bondita will have a major confrontation and Anirudh will oust Bondita from his house and his life.

Bondita and Anirudh part ways on a bitter note 

It seems Binoy first learned the truth and manipulated the situation against Bondita.

Anirudh is unable to bear Bondita's betrayal and her uncounted lies that he loses his temper and in the end, he makes Bondita out of his family, his house and his life.

Bondita is broken down in tears and feels guilty for what she did, but will Anirudh ever forgive Bondita or the time has come when Anirudh and Bondita will get separated.

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