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Barrister Babu: Munmun to add horrible twist in Anirudh Bondita’s painful separation (Upcoming Twist)

Barrister Babu: Munmun to add a twist in Anirudh Bondita’s painful separation

Colors TV serial ‘Barrister Babu’ is seeing a heartbreaking track when Bondita is trapped in Hira Mandi.

When a little misunderstanding separated Anirudh and Bondita on a bitter note,

Anirudh blamed Bondita for everything and broke all ties with her.

Now when the truth is finally revealed, Anirudh begins his hunt to bring Bondita back to home but it seems somewhere it is too late.

Anirudh reaches Hira Mandi to find Bondita but the shocking twist in the story is that Bondita is now no more Anirudh’s Bondita, but now she is Munmun.

Bondita trapped in prostitution

Bondita is completely trapped in prostitution where her new identity is Munmun.

This is getting terribly hard for Anirudh to save his Bondita as he will fail to find Bondita because there is no Bondita in Hira Mandi.

Let’s see how this new identity of Munmun will complicate the situation for Anirudh to reach Bondita.

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