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Choti Sardarni: Sarabjit and Manav in dilemma to sacrifice love Meher (Upcoming Twist)

Choti Sardarni: Sarabjit (Avinesh Rekhi) and Manav (Hitesh Bhardwaj) in dilemma to sacrifice love Meher (Nimrat Kaur Ahluwalia)

The upcoming episode of Colors popular serial Choti Sardarni will showcase interesting twist and turn.

Manav has finally met Meher and revealed his real identity to Meher leaving her shocked.

Meher is very happy to see Manav safe but Manav wants Meher to be back in his life as his love.

While Meher does not permit Manav back in her life as she is married to Sarabjit.

Furthermore Meher also took her marriage to next level and have consummated their marriage too.

Meher informs Manav that she loves Sarabjit and Sarabjit is above God to her.

Manav wants Meher to return back not move on with Sarabjit

Manav cannot take this truth and wants Meher to return back to him.

On the other side Sarabjit also comes to know that Meher’s first love was Manav and he has returned back in her life.

It would be really interesting to see who will sacrifice love for Meher, Sarabjit or Manav.

Or will Manav turn negative?

Keep reading to to know the further development on Choti Sardarni serial.

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