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Molkki: Shocking! Virendra to go jail behind Purvi (Latest News)

Molkki: Shocking! Virendra to go jail behind Purvi

In the upcoming twist of Molkki TV serial, Virendra will face a hard time in his life.

Currently, Virendra and Purvi are in love and the duos are coming closer.

Soon, Virendra proposes his love to Purvi on the Valentine.

Virendra and Purvi's love is high in the air but unfortunately not for long.

Priyashi's death

Virendra gets arrested and is put behind bars wherein the accusation on his totally unexpected and drastic.

Actor Amar Upadhyay also shared a glimpse from his upcoming jail track.

Also, Priyashi is going to die in the show and this will lead to Virendra's arrest.

So, how Purvi will save her Virendra this time?

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