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Anupama: Unable to bounce back, Vanraj coaxes Anupama (Latest News)

Anupama: Unable to bounce back, Vanraj plans to coax Anupama

In the upcoming latest story of Anupama TV show, Vanraj will decide to get back in the marital relationship with Anupama.

Vanraj and Pakhi face a terrible time when Kavya's havoc is getting intensified.

Kavya is determined to celebrate Vanraj's birthday when Pakhi wants him to celebrate with the family.

The circumstances lead to Pakhi's depressive state.

Pakhi slips into trauma like mental condition when she sees Vanraj suffering and how Kavya is distancing Vanraj from her and the family.

On the other hand, Vanraj also regrets choosing Kavya over Anupama.

The consequences make Vanraj realize Anupama's true worth.

When Vanraj has no clue about how to win back Anupama and he has no way to bounce back, Vanraj thus makes a plan.

Vanraj's birthday and Vanraj impresses Anupama

Wherein Pakhi is his first bait to get back to Shah family,

Vanraj coaxes Anupama when Anupama and the family announce his grand birthday celebration.

Though Vanraj's realization is real and he genuinely regrets leaving Anupama, will Anupama ever go sympathetic and forgive Vanraj?

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