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Anupama: Villainous Kavya blackmails Vanraj with pregnancy (Latest News)

Anupama: Villainous Kavya blackmails Vanraj with pregnancy

In the latest story of the Anupama TV serial, a lot more will happen in Vanraj-Anupama and Kavya's life.

With Vanraj's birthday celebration on the peak, Kavya is determined by her revengeful attack on Vanraj.

Kavya is super pissed off that Vanraj has chosen his family and neglected her.

Kavya makes her shocking entry into Shah's house when Leela stops her.

Vanraj grabs Kavya's hand to make her exit but what condition Kavya puts is total hell shocking.

Kavya separates Vanraj and Anupama forever

Kavya refuses to leave and decides to celebrate his birthday with the Shah family if he wants to join his family.

Vanraj is not agreeing with Kavya when Kavya reveals her pregnancy news.

Vanraj is stupified hearing Kavya's pregnancy news while Kavya blackmails Vanraj to either let her celebrate the birthday with family or she will reveal the news.

Consequently, Kavya turns to reveal her pregnancy news to Anupama.

So, Kavya used her pregnancy to control Vanraj which is actually Kavya's fake pregnancy.

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