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Pandya Store: Gautam asks Dhara for their baby nervous Dhara (Latest News)

Pandya Store: Gautam asks Dhara for their child nervous Dhara

Star Plus show Pandya Store is looking forward to some romance between Gautam and Dhara.

So, Gautam and Dhara finally manage their business and save the Pandya Store.

Gautam and Dhara have started to come closer.

Dhara rushes home as the brothers are about to reach home and will surely demand food.

Gautam sees Dhara's concern for his brothers and stops Dhara.

Consequently, Gautam gets Dhara nervous the moment he asks Dhara about their baby.

Dhara and Gautam's love to find way

Dhara gets shy while Gautam asks Dhara about what she will do when they will have their child.

Gautam compels Dhara to leave some love for their baby also.

So, how soon Gautam and Dhara will consummate their marriage or if some trouble will strike before the happiness to come.

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