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Pandya Store: After 10 years, Gautam proposes love to Dhara (Latest News)

Pandya Store: After 10 years, Gautam proposes love to Dhara

One of the most popular TV show Pandya Store will finally a long leap of 10 years in the storyline.

The story after leap introduces the adult characters of Dev, Shiva and Krish.

Gautam and Dhara faced many ups and downs when finally after 10 years, they reopen Pandya Store.

Gautam and Dhara celebrate Dhara's birthday party when for the first time, Gautam bends on his knees and proposes love to Dhara.

Gautam makes Dhara wear the ring of love while they together cut the cake.

Finally, Gautam and Dhara are together in love but not everything is falling in their favour.

Dev, Shiva and Krish major differences

Post 10 years leap, Dev Shiva and Krisha have developed major differences towards Dhara.

Though they only plan Dhara's birthday and celebrate happy times with Dhara and Gautam, their relation with Dhara is deteriorating.

Loads of challenges are coming up next for Gautam and Dhara, let's see how they will surpass them and prove their love by keeping their family together.

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