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Imlie: Major confession of Imlie shatters Aditya (Latest News)

Imlie: Major confession of Imlie shatters Aditya

In the latest story of Imlie TV serial, a major confession between Aditya and Imlie is going to bring another turning point in the storyline.

Aditya determines to end all the confusions and take the final decision of his love life.

When Aditya proposes Imlie and speaks his heart out to Imlie, 

Aditya wants Imlie to accept his love.

Unfortunately, everything happens against Aditya's desire because Imlie is not ready to sacrifice Malini's happiness for the sake of her love life.

Imlie thus refuses to accept Aditya's love.

Imlie's such confession shatters Aditya to the core because this is what he didn't expect from Imlie.

Aditya's love life in dilemma

Poor Aditya once again falls in a dilemma because he can't let Imlie suffer nor he can see Malini heartbroken.

So, what will Aditya do now? 

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