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Imlie: Aditya makes huge confession questions Imlie’s love (Upcoming Episode)

Imlie: Aditya makes huge confession questions Imlie’s love

In the upcoming episode story of Imlie TV serial, Aditya finally gathers the courage to confess his love.

On an emotional note, Aditya confronts Imlie and finally opens up his heart before her.

Aditya confesses his love to Imlie and tells Imlie about how much he loves her and wants to live his life with her.

Imlie is overwhelmed with Aditya’s love confession but is more heartbroken realizing how their love will ruin Malini’s life and her love dreams.

Imlie and Aditya face-off

Aditya questions Imlie’s love when Imlie denies accepting his love.

While reminding the power of true love, Aditya questions the promises that Imlie made to him.

Though Aditya and Imlie both love each other, how their relationship will get justice when Malini is also going through an unjustified situation in her marital life.

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