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Imlie: Confused Aditya thinks to leave Malini (Latest News)

Imlie: Confused Aditya thinks to leave Malini

In the dramatic storyline of Star Plus TV serial Imlie, Aditya and Imlie’s love story is facing a dilemmatic time.

Aditya is falling in love with Imlie which is leading to the deteriorating circumstances in Malini and Aditya’s marital relationship.

Though Aditya and Imlie both are in love, Imlie is not ready to sacrifice Malini’s happiness.

Aditya surprises Imlie with their marriage portrait which gets Imlie overwhelmed.

Aditya even confesses his love to Imlie but it seems Imlie is stubborn to not accept Aditya’s love.

Poor Aditya doesn’t know what to do next because he can’t see Imlie suffering nor he can see Malini heartbroken.

Aditya falls into his own dilemma where he has no clue of his future.

What more, when reality hits Aditya hard, Aditya gets confused to choose one amid Malini and Imlie.

Aditya’s final decision

Adita gets over thinking the situation and in the fit of rage and tension Aditya finally decides to leave Malini.

However, will Aditya be able to confess the truth?

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