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Imlie: Imlie puts a condition before Aditya (Upcoming Episode)

Imlie: Imlie puts a condition before Aditya

In the latest story of Imlie TV serial, a lot if going to happen next in the show with Aditya and Imlie major showdown.

Poor Aditya doesn’t know what to do next because he can’t see Imlie suffering and also can’t see Malini heartbroken.

Aditya finally proposes his love to Imlie and confesses his feelings to her

Aditya wants to accept his relationship with Imlie and tell the truth to Malin.

However, it seems Imlie is not ready to sacrifice Malini’s happiness and her dreams of love.

Aditya and Imlie’s major face-off

So, here happens a major face-off between Aditya and Imlie.

Imlie puts a shocking condition before Aditya when she denies accepting his love for the sake of Malini and his relationship.

How Imlie and Aditya’s love life will move forward when Imlie is adamant to not accept Aditya but Aditya wants to be with her.

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