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Imlie: Malini shows negative side shocks Aditya Imlie (Upcoming Episode)

Imlie: Malini shows negative side shocks Aditya Imlie

Star Plus top TV serial Imlie will see further Malini revealing her negative side before Aditya and Imlie.

So far we have seen that how Aditya is trying to protect Imlie from all the ifs and buts.

When Imlie sits with other low-class people to eat food, Aditya feels angry.

Later Aditya also sits on floor to eat food and Imlie tries to stop him.

Malini gets furious when Aditya explains Imlie that she doesn't need to do so or feel low.

Malini shows her negative side when she taunts Imlie but what happens next is more shocking.

Malini confronts Imlie

While Malini confronts Aditya in their bedroom and tries to explain him, Imlie makes her sudden entry without knocking.

Malini gets angry at Imlie and vents out her anger on her for coming without knocking.

Malini compels Imlie to stop breaching their privacy while she hurts Imlie's sentiments.

Aditya stands silent while Malini's negative side and her harsh words shock both Aditya and Imlie.

So, what will Aditya do next, will he reveal the truth to Malini?

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