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Imlie: Prakash returns to create ruckus in Aditya Imlie’s life (Latest News)

Imlie: Prakash returns to create ruckus in Aditya and Imlie’s life

Star Plus TV serial Imlie is witnessing ups and downs in the trios Aditya, Imlie and Malini's life.

On one side, Aditya is passionately falling in love with Imlie.

Here Malini has started to notice Aditya's growing concern and care for Imlie.

At the same time, the Tripathi's announce a grand pooja for Aditya and Malini's newlywed life.

With the new drama of Priest exposing Aditya's two marriages, Prakash also reaches Delhi.

Prakash and Imlie's major showdown

Prakash loves Imlie and after knowing Aditya and Imlie's namesake marriage relationship, Prakash has developed his feelings back.

Prakash doesn't want Imlie to suffer because of Aditya and Malini's marriage.

So, now it would be highly intensified to watch what will happen next when Prakash will meet Imlie and if Prakash will expose Aditya before Malini and the family.

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