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Imlie: Post Malini's suicide new dilemma hits Aditya Imlie hard (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on April 26, 2021

Imlie: Post Malini's suicide new dilemma hits Aditya and Imlie hard

Star Plus popular prime time TV show Imlie will see Malini committing suicide and taking a drastic step.

Aditya and Imlie take the decision of revealing their marital truth to Malini.

Imlie dresses up as a married woman and gets ready to finally confess their truths.

Meanwhile, here Malini also decks up as Aditya's bride, not to make any confession, but to end her life.

Aditya and Imlie who reach Chaturvedi's house to make their confession face a huge shocker seeing Malini as Malini committed suicide.

Malini's letter shocks Aditya 

Malini writes a letter and slits her wrist confessing her love for Aditya.

Aditya and Imlie both regret coming late and when they read Malini's letter, a huge dilemma hits them hard.

The duos get scared realizing how the doubt made Malini commit suicide then what will happen when they will accept their marriage?

Aditya and Imlie hospitalize Malini and thus they once again hide their marriage from Malini.

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