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Imlie: Malini's strong stand for Imlie's right unaware of truth (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on May 29, 2021

Imlie: Malini's strong stand for Imlie's right unaware of truth

The leading TV show of Star Plus Imlie is about to see a major u-turn in the storyline.

Aditya and Imlie are living their love life to the fullest while here Malini is close to the truth.

Once again Malini confronts Meethi and asks her about Imlie’s father’s name.

Malini is least interested in confirming Dev’s name because she is super furious knowing how worse Meethi and Imlie’s life has been because of Imlie’s father.

When Malini asks Meethi on a serious note to tell the name as Imlie has the right to confront him for betraying her mother,

Meethi gets tensed and finally decides to reveal the truth.

Guilt strikes Malini

The time arrives when the guilt strikes Malini because Meethi finally confesses the name of Imlie’s father.

While Malini wants Aditya and Imlie to unite and confess their marriage truth will stay the same or she will turn negative finding the truth.

What major twists and turns are going to happen next in the Imlie TV serial is what you shouldn’t miss.

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