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Anupama: Kavya's mind trick to enslave Vanraj in Anupama's feet (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on July 09, 2021


Anupama: Kavya's mind trick to enslave Vanraj in Anupama's feet

So, now the drama in your favorite TV show Anupama is going to get more intriguing and riveting and we want you to not miss any.

In the upcoming latest story, Kavya gets super pissed off knowing what business offer Anupama has put forth Vanraj.

What triggers her more is Vanraj agreeing to open the cafe in Anupama's Dance Academy.

While she is driven crazy to not let this happen or Vanraj and Anupama will reunite,

Eventually, she gets a dirty game plan in her mind to stop Vanraj from shaking hands with Anupama.


Kavya's reverse psychology manipulates Vanraj

Kavya is already an expert in manipulating people's minds that Vanraj is just a cup of tea for her.

When Vanraj reveals the news to Kavya, Kavya congratulates him and expresses her happiness for his new business.

However, just after this, she starts using her mind trick on him.

What gets Vanraj ill at ease is when Kavya tells him that joining hands with Anupama is only going to make him a slave on her feet.

Kavya cunningly brainwashes Vanraj in such a way that ultimately he believes in her.

How Vanraj's ego will once again turn a reason for his destruction is worth watching.

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