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Imlie: Aditya performs Imlie’s Muh-Dikhayi to insult Malini (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on July 15, 2021

Imlie: Aditya performs Imlie’s Muh-Dikhayi to insult Malini

In the upcoming latest track of your favorite TV show Imlie, a big drama opens up in Pallavi's Muh-Dikhayi ceremony.

The Tripathis announce a grand galore for Pallavi's Muh-Dikhayi ritual.

While Aditya asks Pallavi about if she will allow him to bring Imlie to the party, Pallavi happily agrees.

However, the Tripathis show their annoyance and straightforwardly refuse to let Imlie come.

This intensifies the situation as Aditya goes mad and announces that if they will not welcome Imlie then he will also not attend the function.

Aparna at the same time invites Malini to keep the dignity of Tripathis and shut the society women's mouth from gossiping.

However, nothing like this happens.

Aditya's major step to shake Tripathis

Intriguingly, Aditya brings Imlie to the ceremony, and there alongside Pallavi, he announces Imlie's Muh-Dikhayi.

This jitters Malini to the core while the Tripathis also stand shocked with Aditya's drastic step.

How the Tripathis will answer the society women after Aditya announces Imlie as a wife?

Will Malini be able to accept this insult?

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