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Faltu: Faltu's new Mother figure Ayaan's Bua Ji to add twist (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: November 20, 2022 12:11 PM IST


Faltu: Faltu's new Mother figure Ayaan's Bua Ji to add twist


Star Plus recently launched TV serial Faltu is all set to see further Ayaan and Faltu's life taking a new U-turn.

Ayaan saves Faltu from evil Pappi even after the latter tries harder to stop them on the airport.

Now, when Ayaan and Faltu arrive in Mumbai,

Here the big twist comes up when Faltu finds out about Ayaan and Tanisha's engagement ceremony.

Though Faltu doesn't love Ayaan, still she feels prick in her heart hearing this news.

And now when Ayaan secretly drops Faltu to his Bua Jis's house, 

Here the latter now takes care of Faltu just like her mother figure.

Moving further, Bua Ji only plays a prime role in Ayaan and Faltu's love story.


Faltu's new fear 

Ayaan is going to get engaged with Tanisha when Faltu gets bad nightmares of Pappi attacking Ayaan in Mumbai.

While Bua Ji is trying her best to take care of Faltu, let's see if she helps Ayaan and Faltu's love or not.

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