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Imlie Latest Spoiler: Atharva gets dream projects hugs Imlie (Latest Spoilers Alert)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: November 20, 2022 11:11 AM IST


Imlie Latest Spoiler: Atharva gets dream projects hugs Imlie


In the latest story of Imlie TV serial, now you will see Atharva getting a big music project only because of Imlie.

Poor Atharva loses his dream music project because of the morning mess created by Cheeni's poisoned dalia.

However, Imlie is not ready to let Atharva lose his big chance.

Therefore, she decks up as a driver and finally convinces the producer to visit home and give a second chance to Atharva.

Interestingly, Cheeni again tries to ruin Atharva's efforts by swapping his pen drive, here Imlie once again flops her dirty trick.

Thus, when Imlie along with the family helps Atharva in playing his music live before the producer, 

Finally, the producer gets convinced and there he gives Atharva a chance.

And now this is when Imlie once again proves a big luck to Atharva.


Atharva's gesture of thanks 

Atharva can't thank Imlie enough because she only supported him when he lost everything.

Wherein now super happy Atharv takes Imlie on a dinner date,

Let's see how romantic this date night will be for the couple and if Cheeni will let this happen.

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