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Anupama: Smart Kavya fails Pakhi’s plan of using Vanraj (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on November 24, 2022


Anupama: Smart Kavya fails Pakhi’s plan of using Vanraj

Star Plus Hindi serial Anupama is all set to see further Kavya and Pakhi’s major face-off.

Kavya is very well aware of what Pakhi is planning next against them by shifting in their neighbourhood.

Therefore, when Vanraj takes the tiffin box for Pakhi, here Kavya stops him and says that she will give the lunch box herself.

Kavya acts caring towards Pakhi and makes Vanraj believe that she will take care of Pakhi.

However, Kavya is not ready to let Pakhi plan and plot against the family anymore.

Therefore, she visits Pakhi herself and gives the tiffin to her.

Pakhi surely gets mad at how Vanraj didn’t visit her but doesn’t show up before Kavya.

And that’s when Kavya confronts her and gives an open warning to her shaking the ground under her feet.


Kavya to expose Pakhi

Pakhi shifted here only to grab Vanraj’s attention and make him take her back to the Shah House.

However, Kavya is not ready to let this happen because just like Anupama, she also wants Pakhi to overcome the challenges of her life instead of planning and plotting.

Thus, Kavya suggests Pakhi focus on her career and rejoin college instead of plotting evil.

Wherein Pakhi as usual disrespects Kavya, the latter doesn’t stand quiet but says that she is not Anupama who will have patience, she is Kavya, who will not take long to slap her (Pakhi) hard.

So, now Kavya failed Pakhi’s plan to use Vanraj to get inside Shah House,

Let’s see how she only brings Pakhi back on the track.

Make sure to read for the new updates to know what happens next.  


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