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State Government hearty initiative for poor needy people, Check Details (Recent News)

CORONA VIRUS Latest: Corona outbreak’s threat in humanity

Widespread Pandemic Virus Corona/ COVID-19 brought havoc among the humanity, which took thousands of lives and created unexpected panic.

The number of persons infected with Covid-19 passed over 375000 globally, where death rate created worse situation worldwide.

However where amid all this government has ordered 21 days lockdown where everything remain closed,

Not only this but people who depends on “what eat is what they earn” are suffering the most.

State Government’s bold and helpful move for people

Although, everyone is facing this crisis but poor people of labor category are getting more effected as they don’t even have something to eat and home to stay inside.

Witnessing all this, State Government will provide daily needy necessities to needy people,

Well along with this, there will be relaxation to loan and tax payment along with RBI will talk to Banks about Instalments.

While along with this night shelters will also be provided to homeless people.

Stay Home, Stay safe and pray for the safety of other people.

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