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Shaadi Mubarak: KT and Preeti’s marriage twist Neelima goes wide-eye (Upcoming Twist)

Shaadi Mubarak: KT and Preeti’s marriage twist Neelima goes eyes wide

Upcoming twist in KT (Manav Gohil) and Preeti’s (Rajashree Thakur) Shaadi Mubarak startup in Shaadi Mubarak

Hindi serial Shaadi Mubarak is going to see a grand pooja before KT and Preeti to begin their business start up.

The story of Shaadi Mubarak will focus on KT and Preeti stepping ahead to live a proud life by establishing their wedding planning business.

KT and Preeti have an auspicious pooja when the priest misunderstands their relation and counts them as married couple.

The priest even asks for their Gathbandhan when Neelima’s eyes go wide in shock.

Neelima doesn’t want any woman in KT’s life as she feels they all are after KT’s money.

Neelima seeing KT and Preeti’s bonding will now start to assume their relationship which will ultimately bring problems for Preeti.

Preeti and Neelima’s major face off

Further when Preeti interrupts KT for investing huge amount just to setup office and not asking her even when she is his partner,

Neelima confronts Preeti for bossing around KT.

KT understands Preeti and loves to work with her, but will Neelima let the destined couple come together.

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