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Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya's love confession for Abhi (Upcoming Episode)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: October 23, 2021 05:10 PM IST


Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya(Sriti Jha) rekindle Abhi's(Shabir Ahuwalia) lost passion keeping him away from drinks


Zee TV's long-running show Kumkum Bhagya has regained it's spark as Abhi and Pragya come closer once again.

Pragya revamps Abhi's first office which brings back old memories.

Further, Pragya also gifts Abhi guitar reviving his old passion for music.

Abhi feels so thankful to Pragya for bringing back his good old days and cherished memories to life.

Pragya too feels happy to see Abhi happy with his passion and away from drinks.


Pragya's eyes shout out her love for Abhi

Meanwhile, Pragya's these actions make Abhi realize that Pragya hasn't changed.

She still cares and thinks about his happiness.

Thus, Abhi asks Pragya about her feelings for him which leaves her dumbfounded.

However, her eyes speak for her and Abhi is delighted to know that Pragya still loves him.

Keep tuned to know how will this love story shape up further.

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