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Meet: Meet Ahlawat stunned by Meet Hooda's luxurious demands (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on June 16, 2022


Meet: Babita complains about Meet's greediness

Zee TV's interesting show Meet is up with new drama and major twists.

While Meet solves Sunaina's matter from her life, she is trapped in a new drama.

Her mother Anoobha wants to take Meet Hooda to her house after baby shower for delivery.

However, Babita refuses saying she would not be able to afford the luxuries and comfort that Meet is getting at Ahlawat House.

This hits Meet Hooda hard and she decides to make Babita realize a mther's love.


Meet confronts Babita

Suddenly, Meet Hooda changes her attitude and starts making high demands.

At first, Babita fulfills her demands but as it goes beyond their capacity, she confronts Meet.

She assumes that Meet has become greedy staying in Ahlawat Mansion and misusing their comfort

Babita complains that Meet should give more priority t the love and support she is getting rather than the luxuries.

At this point, Meet Hooda reveals to her that it is exactly what she should understand about Anoobha.

Will Babit be able to relate to Meet's mother and understand her?

Stay tuned to to know if Babita will allow Meet to go to her mayka for delivery or not.


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