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Udaariyaan: Gurpreet to force Fateh for marrying Jasmine (Latest Spoilers Alert)

By: SG Admin on June 18, 2022


Udaariyaan: Gurpreet to force Fateh for marrying Jasmine

Colors' tv popular show Udaariyaan is all set to grab the viewer's attention with its spicy and dramatic storyline in the upcoming episodes.

As seen so far, Tejo notices Jasmine's name on the wedding card and decides to tear it off, leaving everyone startled.

Fateh consoles Tejo and later announces his decision of calling off his wedding with Jasmine.

Now in the upcoming track, Gurpreet asks Fateh what he is saying and asks him if he is in the right state of mind.

However, Fateh clears that he can't marry Jasmine knowing that Tejo is alive and back.

Gurpreet is about to say more while Fateh tells them that they should discuss these things at home.


Gurpreet gets into a heated argument with Fateh

Further at Virk house, Gurpreet informs the rest of the family about Tejo's condition and argues with Fateh saying that he cannot stop the marriage for Tejo.

As we know, Gurpreet had agreed to the marriage of Fateh and Jasmine after Tanya Tejo requested her about it.

However, Gurpreet argues with Fateh saying that this Tejo is not the one he fell in love with while Fateh argues that he fell in love with the whole Tejo and not any one version of her.

Later, Gurpreet angrily asks Fateh if he is willing to become a parent figure for Tejo and Fateh agrees shocking everyone.

OMG! What will happen next?

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