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Imlie 18th June 2022 written update Imlie in danger (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on June 18, 2022


Imlie 18th June 2022 written update

The current episode starts with Imlie fooling Neela by making Gudiya massage her legs.

Harry is taking Jyoti to the hospital when Imlie aka Kairi takes Aryan’s car to reach the hospital.

Aryan and Kairi have an argument when the latter frustrates him and somehow takes away the car.

Irritated Aryan comes to Imlie when Sundar panics thinking how he will now become Imlie.

Then only, Aryan see Imlie and gets irked seeing her with Madhav.

Sundar gets stunned as Arpita took the disguise of Imlie.

Sundar thanks her for saving him and Imlie when Arpita talks about how she learned about their plan.

Here Kairi reaches the hospital but the nurse and the guards refuse to let her meet Madhav because of Imlie’s order.

Kairi aka Imlie gets stuck in her own plan when Harry brings Jyoti to the same hospital.


Imlie stuck, Jyoti to kill Madhav 

Harry leaves without getting treatment for Jyoti while when a doctor sees Jyoti, he does her medical treatment.

Imlie tries her best to explain to the guards that she and Imlie are the same but she fails to get out.

Here Jyoti gains consciousness and gets glad to see Madhav there.

Jyoti thinks to kill him dead before he meets his friend Imlie.

Here Imlie prays for Madhav’s safety.


Jyoti injects Imlie, not Madhav.

Imlie took Madhav’s disguise.


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