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Spy Bahu: Yohan candidly asks Sejal if she is a SPY (Latest Spoilers Alert)

By: SG Admin on June 20, 2022


Spy Bahu: Yohan candidly asks Sejal if she is a SPY

Colors' tv popular show Spy Bahu is all set to showcase some big drama in the upcoming track of the show.

As seen so far, SK comes to Nanda mansion to arrest Yohan and Arjun under suspicion of the terrorist attack at the hotel Chapel.

However, Sejal opposes SK with her analytical leaving everyone shocked.

Sejal further asks SK to come with an arrest warrant.

Later, Sejal and Yohan try to collect proof against the culprit to prove Yohan innocent.

Sejal's unique skills of quick reading and analyzing the details leave Yohan surprised.


Yohan suspicious of Sejal's detective skills

Sejal also pays attention to the relevant details just like a detective which makes Yohan suspicious of Sejal being a spy.

Now in the upcoming track, Yohan and Sejal start working along to find the evidence when Yohan candidly asks Sejal about her spy skills and asks if she is a spy leaving Sejal shocked and worried.

Will Sejal tell the truth to Yohan? Will Yohan learn about Sejal's secret mission?

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