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Sanjivani 2 8th October 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Sanjivani 2 8th October 2019 written update

The current episode starts with Sid and Ishani talking to Shashank and Juhi about the marriage of Jessica and Jignesh.

Shashank tells them about the last marriage which happened in the Sanjivani hospital and Juhi only managed everything.

Juhi and Shashank talk about how they got a patient's daughter married before him which was his last wish before his death.

Shashank and Juhi like Sid and Ishani's such plan.

They compel Sid and Ishani to talk to Vardhan about the same and convince him without creating any fuss.

Sid tells Vardhan about a spa offer and asks him to visit the resort while Ishani is against Sid's plan.

Ishani wants to talk directly to Vardhan about the marriage.

Suddenly, Vardhan arrives amid their conversation. Ishani tells him about Jessica and Jignesh marriage.

Vardhan shockingly agrees and gives permission to Sid and Ishani.

Sid is completely shocked at how Vardhan agreed so fast while Ishani is excited.

Rishabh is confused and asks Vardhan about why he gave permission to them.

Vardhan sees Anjali and says that he likes marriages and especially the marriage rituals.

Sid and Ishani surprise Shashank by giving the news to him.

Shashank congratulates Jessica's mom who is nurse in their hospital since a long time.

Shashank calls Jessica his daughter and announces her wedding in Sanjivani hospital, nurse Fillow gets happy while she thanks Sid and Ishani.

Sid and Ishani announce the wedding news to the staff where everyone gets excited and agrees to arrange everything.

Then only, Rishabh comes and agrees to arrange best Pandit for the marriage.

Sid and Ishani are stunned at Rishabh's such step.

Sid and Ishani thereby come to cafe for the coffee where they talk about Vardhan and Rishabh.

Ishani mistakenly drinks coffee from Sid's cup while Sid agrees to drink from her cup. Ishani's heart beats fast.

Juhi speaks out her pain before Shashank

Juhi comes to Shashank and apologizes for being rude to him and agreeing to Vardhan's wrong decision.

Shashank accepts his mistake also while Juhi tells Shashank that his decision of ousting her from Sanjivani changed her whole life.

Juhi reveals about how Rahul completely changed after their marriage.

Juhi heartily apologizes while she asks Shashank if he really loved her.


Sid and Ishani share a romantic eye-lock moment.

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