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Yeh Hai Chahatein 12 February 2020 written update (Written Update)

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12 February 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vasu and Gopal take Saransh home where he is upset and cries to stay with Prisha.

Prisha is heartbroken for breaking the promise she made to Mahima. Prisha takes permission to talk to Rudraksh while here Bubbles and Bunty meet Gopal and Vasu.

They are shocked knowing Rudraksh married Prisha by cheat while Saransh calls Rudraksh, his new Papa.

Prisha confronts Rudraksh for touching her son Saransh and insulting Yuvraj and Gopal.

Rudraksh calls Saransh, our son*

Rudraksh reminds Prisha about their official marriage where he married her to get Saransh.

Rudraksh confronts Prisha revealing he knew the truth that Saransh is her and Rajeev’s son where Rajeev wanted to adopt him but you killed him.

Prisha realizes Rudraksh doesn’t knows about Mahima while Rudraksh blames her for trapping his brother and killed him.

Rudraksh blames her saying she planned to marry Yuvraj when she is dying so that Yuvraj gets the trust fund.

Rudraksh reminds that now she is married to him and he is her husband, where she lost money, she will lose Saransh and he will adopt him to fulfill Rajeev’s last wish, this is his revenge where the sindoor in Prisha’s hairline is Rajeev’s blood and she will be punished for killing him.

Rudraksh asks Prisha to give Saransh’s custody to him but Prisha refuses.

The major showdown amid Rudraksh and Prisha gets intensified.

Rudraksh asks Prisha to think about her son who sis Khurana family son and will get everything if he stays with them.

Rudraksh asks Prisha to think of how he will stay with her and be called a murderer’s son.

Rudraksh compels Prisha to be a mother and take the decision.

Rudraksh leaves while Prisha cries. Bunty asks Rudraksh about everything that Rudraksh confesses the truth and promises him to keep it a secret.

Yuvraj goes mad after Rudraksh married his fiancée Prisha by cheat.

Yuvraj wills to kill Rudraksh just like he killed Rajeev as he lost the trust fund after all it is a legal marriage.

Rudraksh reaches home and excitedly calls everyone in the hall.

Rudraksh plans to marry Mishika 

A big surprise to everyone, Rudraksh proposes to marry Mishika.

Mishika says yes while Ahana blesses Rudraksh and everyone is happy.

Ahana congrats Mishika compelling now they will take over Khuranas business.

Here Bunty asks Rudraksh about how he will manage two marriages which is illegal.

Rudraksh reveals he will marry Mishika after two hours of Prisha’s death.

Rudraksh reveals about the lawyer, flashback shows Lawyer telling Rudraksh that he can’t get Saransh’s custody because the court gives custody to husband and wife.

Rudraksh reveals he is marrying Mishika to get legal custody of Saransh.

Bunty reminds Rudraksh that he will not be happy in the marriage while Rudraksh is ready to do anything for Rajeev.

Next day, Yuvraj meets Prisha where Prisha is shocked knowing Yuvraj can't take Saransh custody and she has not time.

Prisha breaksdown.


Prisha signs custody papers and gives Saransh custody to Rudraksh while she takes promise that he will always protect him.

Yuvraj gets Saransh from Prisha's home and brings him to Khurana house.

The family gets shocked.

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