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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13 February 2020 written update (Written Update)

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13 February 2020 written update

The current episode starts with 4 months leap in the story.

Netra is celebrating her show Kahaani Parvati Ki success while the reporters take her quick interview.

Where Reporter questions about Parvati and Kunal…Netra introduces the new Kunal and Sonakshi. Sonakshi confesses how the audience accepted her and Ali.

On questioning about Sonakshi, Netra reveals that it was tough to replace her but channel supported her because Sonakshi’s name got stained and Sumit also left for New York.

Here Sonakshi reaches Police station to meet Suman and hugs her.

Suman regrets of how she trusted a builder who came turned out fraud and her all investment and money got ruined.

Sonakshi consoles Suman and promises to get her out of jail while Suman is worried after all Sonakshi’s name fame everything is ruined because of her and they have no money.

Sonakshi convinces her saying they will work hard again and will earn everything back.

Sonakshi assures to get a job soon as she gave audition.

Sonakshi meets Lawyer and talks about Suman’s bail but the lawyer refuses saying Sonakshi is bankrupt and after the two hearings already went in vain, he will take 4 lakh fees to take the case ahead.

Sonakshi assures and compels him for bail out while the lawyer advices her to take Sippys help, Sonakshi refuses.

Here Nishi is the in-charge of everything after all Rohit is not in his senses.

An old couple comes who wants Rohit to their son Sahil’s surgery but Nishi refuses while the couple reveals Sonakshi promised them, Nishi gets angry and yells at them. Rohit hears everything.

Nishi greets Veena and Naren where she acts like the couple is rich and she doesn’t want to against Rohit and Naren’s policies, so she refused.

Veena is happy with Nishi and thanks her.

Meanwhile Rohan touches Tanya’s baby bump and feels the kicking of his baby.

Here Pari gets worried about if everyone will know about her baby, she changes her clothes to hide her baby bump.

Sonakshi is again refused by the channel for the role while Sonakshi gets upset as they have no money and she even sold all the jewelry.

While Pari suggests her to talk to Pulkit, Sonakshi denies as he went abroad for studies, Pari then suggests for Netra to ask for money.

Rohan is taking care of Tanya while Nishi announces Aakash and Deepa’s marriage within 10 days while suggests everyone to not depend on Pooja as she is busy in her dance practice and arrangements.

Nishi again instigates everyone saying Soakshi ruined Rohit and left.

Sonakshi talks to Netra about the money but Netra refuses and asks her to not call her anymore for money as she already gave her many loans. Netra blames her defamation became the reason of her show shutting down.

Sonakshi gets heartbroken thinking people don’t forget if the black clouds cover a sun, the sun will shine when the same clouds will subside.

Pari suggests of Sumit would have help them while then Sonakshi gets a call for Bhabhi’s role with 20,000 per day, she arrives for audition.

Meanwhile here Rohit operates Sahil’s surgery.

Major breakdown of Rohit and Sonakshi

Tulsi helps Rohit in surgery and the surgery gets successful where after Tulsi says that they miss him and offers help whenever he needs her.

The old couple thanks Rohit and call him Lord for them but Rohit refuses saying he is a weak man where he failed to protect his love.

The old woman prays for Rohit and his love where Rohit feels heartbroken.

Pari meets gynecologist and gets her checkup where Doctor questions about how far she is going to hide the baby while Pari says until she gets the baby’s rights.

Rohit gets to see Pari in the hospital and gets confused thinking why she is here.

Rohit gets his friend’s call who invites him in party, Rohit agrees saying he will try.

Here the director refuses to give the role to Sonakshi while Sonakshi asks for 4 lakh advance money.

The director gives role to other actress while Sonakshi again faces defeat.

The assistant stops her and tells about a party where they need a TV actress fror dance performance and will give 4-5 lakhs.


Rohit is attending his friend's party where Sonakshi is dancing, Rohit gets shocked seeing her.

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