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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28 July 2020 written update Vansh feeling for Ridhima (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28 July 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Vansh questions Ishani about the cutter in her bag where Ishani lashes back at Vansh for doubting her instead of the intruder.

Angre tells everything about how he was following the intruder but then Ishani was going outside and he just stopped her.

Ishani questions Vansh for not doubting Ridhima while the drama gets extreme when Ishani’s mother gets pissed off with Vansh doubting his own family.

Ridhima is relieved that Kabir is safe while here Kabir tells his secretary about how he put cutter in Ishani’s bag to distract Vansh attention on Ishani.

Kabir tells how Vansh started to doubt Ridhima so it was necessary for him to distract his doubt on his own family member so that he doesn’t doubts Ridhima anymore.

Dadi comes and interrupts the drama in VR mansion. Dadi panics seeing drama, fight and hatred in the family members. She hopes someone to come and make this house a family

Ridhima and Vansh come together to hold Dadi who starts feeling dizzy while Vansh promises to not spare the person who is troubling them.

Next morning, Vansh is practicing basketball while recollecting all the moments when he doubted Ridhima and found her suspicious.

Ridhima is plucking flowers in garden that Vansh sees her and gets mesmerized seeing her blushing and shining face in the morning sunshine.

Vansh keeps looking at Ridhima while the basketball falls from his hand…

Ishq Mein Marjawan song plays while Vansh starts smiling seeing Ridhima’s innocent and lovely face.

Vansh then distracts himself and starts playing but then the mirror tuck in the flower basket of Ridhima shines and the light flashes on Vansh’s eyes.

Vansh gets misbalanced and the ball falls from his hand while he jerks his hand in anger injuring his hand.

Ridhima sees Vansh and comes to him while she gets caring towards him.

Vansh denies but Ridhima helps him in stretching his hands to reduce his pain.

Ridhima successfully cure his pain while Ridhima makes slang and Vansh agrees to her.

Ridhima is surprised as Vansh didn’t act as Vansh Raisinghania while Vansh makes Ridhima smile with his lovely remark.

They both laugh together cherishing the moment while soon Ridhima leaves.

Vansh makes a master plan against Ridhima 

Ishani is angry and vents out her anger on her mother and Chachi.

Vansh gifts a mobile phone to Ridhima while when Ridhima doesn't accepts it, Siya asks her not to trouble Vansh and he never gifted such present to anyone and she is lucky/.

Ridhima excitedly talks to Kabir where Kabir is shell shocked to realize Vansh gifted phone to Ridhima will definitely be a part of his plan.

Kabir shouts at Ridhima and tells that Vansh trapped her, he requests her to disconnect the call while Ridhima does the same but is worried.

Ridhima comes to meet Vansh where Vansh and Angre are beating a person, who turns out Kabir.

Ridhima shouts Kabir and breaks down badly.

Suddenly everything turns out Ridhima's scary dream.

Ridhima reaches to the place where Vansh called her.

Angre is beating a person while Ridhima scared to hell and crying recalls all her moments spent with Kabir.


Angre beats a person and is Kabir. Vansh questions Ridhima about her number reached to this man and why she called him.

Ridhima is scared.

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