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Anupama 30 July 2020 written update Anupama's masterstroke breaks Vanraj dumb thinking (Tv Serial)

Anupama 30 July 2020 written update Anupama breaks Vanraj dumb thinking

The current episode starts with Vanraj asks Anupama to cook traditional Gujarati food for four people who are his foreign clients.

Baa tells about Anupama going to school while Samar also reminds Vanraj that if Anupama will not go school then it will look unprofessional.

Vanraj gets angry and orders Anupama to make food happily and the house is her first priority where he is habitual to see her at home.

Sanjay gets angry while Samar is too angry.

Anupama rushes to make the food and recalls Principal’ words .

Anupama swears to not let Vanraj and her job suffer and she will manage everything.

Samar asks Anupama to learn to say no but Anupama shuts his mouth and rushes to make food.

Vanraj is hoping that the food is tasty as the clients are really important while Baa is totally agreeing that Anupama is making food in anger and thus it will surely taste bad.

Sanjay is about to take Meeny to the park but Vanraj stops him while Baa leaves for the temple.

Mamaji is sure that Anupama will not make any mistake while Vanraj asks Anupama make great food and surprise him.

Samar is getting angry to see Anupama in kitchen that he says ‘We always think Dad is the superhero, we didn’t see that Mum is the real superhero’.

Principal is worried where Pavandeep cheers her up saying everyone will be on time.

Anupama is making all the arrangements where Samar offers help and asks when she will change her saree while Anupama thinks to change if she gets time.

Samar starts doing decoration saying he is an artist that Vanraj questions Samar why he is doing this Girl’s work.

Samar reminds Vanraj he is helping his mother and it’ a son’s work.

Vanraj is hurrying as the clients are reaching within 5 minutes while Anupama worries.

Anupama is cooking the food while the clients enter in the Shah house.

The clients praise Samar saying he is so cultured while Vanraj confesses hat they give importance to cultures and studies where his elder son is his ideal son.

Anupama comes with aarti plate to welcome the clients but Vanraj doesn’t introduce her.

Parul is worried as Anupama didn’t arrived yet, she tries to contact Anupama but all in vain.

Samar talks to Babuji and tells about how Mummy has to visit the school for inspection but she is cooking for Dad’s clients where Samar didn’t even introduce her.

Babuji tells Samar that a mother is the foundation of the house and woman can do anything, but we have to make a way.

Parul is worried that Anupama isn’t picking up her phone call that Pavandeep reminds her that she did a mistake by trusting an ordinary housewife.

Parul says housewife isn’t ordinary they do 24/7 job and she believes that Anupama will not breakd her trust.

Kavya tastes the food and likes it saying Anupama is world’s best cook and asks about the copper plates.

Kavya says copper plates are old fashioned while she asks Anupama to get some crockery.

Anupama reminds Kavya that fashion changes but cultures don’t. Relations don’t break in our world.

Samar asks Anupama to hurt for the school while Kavya asks Anupama to go and they will serve the food.

Samar gets ready to take Anupama to school while Clients are excited to eat the Gujarati food.

Parul again calls Anupama but Anupama didn’t receive the call.

The clients have the food and like the decoration and food, they even take the pictures praising everything.

Vanraj is totally surprised at the clients praising the food and everything as Vanraj though Anupama is worth for nothing.

The clients ask Vanraj to call his wife as they want to thank her personally.

Vanraj hesitates thinking Anupama will be in her common clothes.

Anupama rushes out when Vanraj calls her that Vanraj angrily asks Anupama saying she should have become presentable and then come.

Anupama greets and meets the clients where the clients praise her work while they questions Vanraj why he didn’t introduce her to them before.

Anupama confesses she was busy in kitchen while the clients see her hands messed with spices.

Anupama impresses Vanraj's clients 

The clients excitedly ask Anupama to serve them more food while Vanraj now praises Anupama saying she is an excellent cook.

Samar wants Anupama to go school that Vanraj takes Anupama out and asks her to go while thanking her for cooking the food.

Vanraj rudely taunts Anupama saying she just cares for her job, he asks her to do her job and he will serve the food.

Anupama heavy heartedly apologizes while Samar asks her to come for school.

Anupama changes her clothes and gets ready while Vanraj is angry at her and looks furiously at her.


Principal Parul fires Anupama from the job where after Anupama cries.

Anupama cries thinking her dream broke and she lost the job.

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