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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th October 2020 written update (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th October 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Ridhima hiding mystery box from Vansh while Vansh interrogating her.

Ridhima is all wet when she makes excuses and when Vansh turns, Ridhima hides the box behind the curtain.

Vansh covers Ridhima with the towel and questions her for doubting his mother.

Vansh refuses to forgive her because she questioned his mother who selflessly accepted him as her own son and always cared for him.

Vansh thanks Ridhima for saving his life while later on Ridhima hides the box in Dadi’s room to fail Anupriya from reaching the box.

Dadi makes Ridhima realize her love for Vansh when Ridhima recalls taking care of sick Vansh.

Ridhima thinks to not get trapped in these thoughts as she has to focus on her mission and first open the box.

Ridhima is lost in her thoughts when someone attacks her from behind but as soon as Aryan trips Ridhima’s foot and makes her fall, he saves her.

They have an argument where after Aryan confronts Chanchal.

Chanchal and Aryan think to execute their plan tomorrow and make Ridhim fall in real.

Later Ridhima wakes up and wonders for Vansh whereabouts while Aryan comes to her bedroom.

Ridhima then sees Vansh letter where Vansh is apologizing to her and has gifted a present to Ridhima.

Ridhima smiles and gets happy to get a new phone in the gift.

Ridhima calls Mayura where Mayura shares about her trust on Omkar is broken.

Ridhima advises her to first find the whole truth and then take any decision.

Mayura also gives a piece of advice to Ridhima when Ridhima thinks about soon opening the box.

Ridhima later finds herself locked in the room and gets to realize that Anupriya must have got to know that she hid the box in Dadi's room.

Ridhima breaks the glass of her door and finally gets out to find the box.

Ridhima doesn't find the box and is shocked while here Chanchal and Aryan get the box in their room.

Chanchal and Aryan plan to expose Ridhima before Vansh and separate them while Ridhima hears them.

Chanchal and Aryan swear to never let Vansh and Ridhima come closer while Ridhima is tensed.

Ridhima gets shocked when Aryan comes out of the bathroom.

Ridhima reveals the truth to Kabir

Ridhima and Aryan have an argument when Ridhima stops Aryan from using her bedroom's bathroom.

Aryan gets closer to Ridhima and shows his anger when Ridhima slaps Aryan hard.

Aryan is totally pissed off at Ridhima when Ridhima ousts him from her room.

Ridhima calls Kabir and informs about Chanchal took the box and tells about the video and the picture that Anupriya hid inside the box.

Kabir thinks to get the box at any cost while Ridhima also thinks the same.


The room catches the fire and Ridhima tries to get the box but Kabir in disguise fools her.

Kabir is escaping with the box when Ridhima catches him and is about to see his face.

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