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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th October 2020 written update New entry of Sejal (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th October 2020 written update 

The current episode starts with Chanchal’s room catches fire and the family rushes to save her.

Ridhima recalls the mystery box when the family gets Chanchal in the hall.

Kabir thinks to get the box when Ridhima also rushes back to the room to get the box.

Anupriya stops Ridhima on the way and reminds her that the box she is searching for is now burnt into ashes.

Anupriya recalls Kabir throwing firebomb in Chanchal’s house while she laughs at Ridhima’s helplessness.

Ridhima thinks to get the box at any cost while Kabir who is taking the box and is escaping through the window gets stuck.

The window is locked while Ridhima rushes and finally sees Kabir with the box, but she hasn’t yet seen Kabir’s face.

Ridhima follows Kabir when Kabir hits Ridhima and makes her fall.

The family gets shocked while Ridhima and Kabir run out of the house.

Anupriya is shocked realizing Kabir was yet now inside the room.

Ridhima makes Kabir fall and turns to see his face but Kabir pushes her again and points the gun at her.

Ridhima splits sand in his eyes when he shockingly shoots the gun.

Ridhima follows Kabir but Kabir elopes with the box.

Dadi is faint when Anupriya and Aryan get worried, Ridhima sees a strange blue mark on Dadi's neck and realizes the gun poisonous bullet hit Dadi.

Doctor treats Dadi when Ridhima congratulates Anupriya for her victory and gifts her roses.

Ridhima warns Anupriya and swears to expose her truth before everyone.

Ridhima confronts Anupriya over the secrets hidden inside the box.

Ridhima reveals about her kid who called her mom in the video and is neither Aryan nor Vansh.

Ridhima questions his real identity but Anupriya warns her back.

Vansh calls Ridhima and asks if she is fine. Ridhima recalls the incidents happened today and thinks to not tell Vansh as he is already worried.

Vansh asks if the room is empty and she is enjoying self-time.

Ridhima misses Vansh and gets tears in her eyes but makes excuse to divert Vansh's mind.

Vansh interestingly knows the truth while Ridhima gets surprised.

Ridhima's best friend Sejal

Vansh disconnects the call when Ridhima closes her eyes to do what Vansh asked her to do.

Ridhima recalls all the beautiful moments that she spent with Vansh in their bedroom.

Ridhima takes care of Dadi when Dadi teases her.

Ridhima calls her friend Sejal and wishes her happy birthday. Sejal is coming soon to meet her while after the call disconnects, Sejal is excited to meet Ridhima and she is already in Mumbai.

Sejal thinks to meet Kabir and know Ridhima's whereabouts.

Kabir lashes out at  Anupriya and stands her responsible where Ridhima and Vansh could have caught them.

Sejal hears everything and decides to expose Kabir to Ridhima.


Kabir runs after Sejal while Sejal calls Ridhima and is about, to tell the truth when Kabir traps her.

Soon Ridhima hears Sejal's voice in the storeroom and is about to find her. 

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