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Ishq MeinMarjawan 2 12th October 2020 written update Vansh returns to Ridhima (Tv Serial)

Ishq MeinMarjawan 2 12th October 2020 written update 

The current episode starts with Ridhima finds Sejal's watch and finally tracks down the reality that Sejal is in VR mansion.

Ridhima enters in Chanchal's room but fails to see the box in which Sejal is trapped.

Ridhima confronts Anupriya where Anupriya denies to know Sejal.

Ridhima swears to expose her this time while Anupriya is confident that she will never be able to expose her truth to Vansh.

Aryan got truth serum for Sejal and make her speak up the truth that Chanchal jumps in happiness.

Ridhima turns to find Badrinath when Dadi is searching for him.

Aryan and Chanchal returns back to their room to Sejal but gets shocked after not finding her.

Kabir got Sejal in Ridhima's room where he threats her using electric wire.

Ridhima gets Vansh's call who asks about her favourite colours roses but Ridhima is not in the mood and compels him to come home soon.

Vansh thinks to take red roses for his Ridhima while here Ridhima recalls Anupriya's warning and how confident she is.

Ridhima thinks if Badrinath is Anupriya's pawn. Ridhima picks up her gun and turns to find him.

Here Kabir warns Sejal to not dare elope or he will kill Ridhima and then she will be responsible for Ridhima's death.

Ridhima catches Kabir and points gun on his head. 

Sejal thanks God that Ridhima is here to save her.

Ridhima questions Kabir to speak up if Anupriya sent him here while Kabir thinks to finally show his face as he doesn't have any other option.

Ridhima is shocked to see Kabir when Kabir fools Ridhima again saying he came here to help her.

Kabir questions Ridhima if she is not happy to see him while Ridhima questions back Kabir.

Ridhima's questions leave Kabir silent and disturbed.

Kabir fools Ridhima again 

Ridhima tells Kabir about Sejal's kidnapping when she cries while Sejal is witnessing her and hearing her.

Sejal keeps silence or Kabir will kill Ridhima while Kabir tells Ridhima that Vansh is behind Sejal's kidnapping.

Ridhima refuses to doubt Vansh while Kabir holds Ridhima's shoulder and promises to save Sejal.

Vansh is on the way to enter the room while Kabir and Ridhima are busy talking.

The pooja begins while Ridhima is waiting for Vansh.

Aryan and Chanchal talk about their plans.

Vansh arrives while here Sejal acts like faint and then pushes Kabir. Sejal elopes and is about to call Ridhima in the hall when Anupriya sees her and pushes Siya from the stairs to distract everyone's attention.

Kabir kidnaps Sejal again and injects her. Kabir's partner takes away Sejal.

Vansh gets shocked and shouts Siya. Vansh rushes and dresses Siya's wound when they have a brother and sisterly moment. 

Vansh scolds everyone when he sees Kabir and gets suspicious.

Vansh inquires Kabir aka Badrinath while Ridhima gets scared.


Vansh confronts the family. Vansh later confronts Ridhima in bedroom and questions her.


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