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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th October 2020 written update Ridhima falls in Vansh's eyes (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th October 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Mayura and Ridhima's phone call when they both are hoping for happiness to enter in their lives with the auspicious festival of Navratri.

Here Angre gets angry on Ishani when he compels her to wear traditional for pooja but Ishani tears off Angre's shirt.

Angre grabs Ishani's hand and orders her to wear traditional clothes and not dare cross the limit of dignity.

The pooja begins when Vansh makes Ridhima wear the red bangles and intentionally hurts her.

Vansh reminds Ridhima of the red colour being the colour of betrayal while Ridhima is scared to the core.

Ridhima prays before Goddess Durga to give her strength to win Vansh's trust back.

Dadi confronts Ridhima and reveals about Vansh never celebrated Navratri after his mother's death.

Ridhima is upset knowing Vansh's pain and his sufferings while Aryan comes and taunts Ridhima.

The grand auspicious aarti of Goddess Durga begins...

Ridhima is performing aarti while here Mayura is doing aarti with Omkar.

Ridhima prays for help to make her understand Vansh and win back her trust.

Later on, Anupriya confronts Ridhima when Ridhima is picking up her phone from the plant vase.

Ridhima advises Anupriya to reveal her secrets to Vansh before the truth gets revealed from someone else.

Ridhima reminds Anupriya how she is cheating Vansh and thinks she should have told Vansh the truth, the very moment when she burnt his mother's portrait.

Someone is sneakily hearing Anupriya and Ridhima when Anupriya reminds Ridhima that she is also cheating Vansh.

Ridhima gets worried wondering how Anupriya knows her truth.

Anupriya and Chanchal have a confrontation when Chanchal reveals Vansh called everyone to reveal something big.

Chanchal is scared while she gets shocked when Anupriya questions why she kidnapped Sejal.

Vansh confronts everyone and says he is finally going to expose his enemy whom he blindly trusted and loved more than anyone.

The family gets shocked as Vansh is facing Ridhima and is saying his trust, his love everything is broken.

Anupriya thinks she is safe while the same with Chanchal and Aryan.

Anupriya says Ridhima's name but Vansh denies shocking everyone.

Vansh says the real culprit is she, Anupriya, not Ridhima.

Anupriya emotionally blackmails Vansh trapping Ridhima

Vansh exposes Anupriya revealing how she burnt his mother's portrait and put all the blame on Ridhima.

Anupriya who is yet now shocked and stumbled takes a sigh of relief knowing Vansh only knows the portrait truth but not her and Kabir's relation truth.

Anupriya swears on Diya and putting all blame on Ridhima, Anupriya confesses Ridhima blackmailed her over her past secret.

Anupriya reveals she had a son before her marriage but later he got kidnapped and went on missing.

Anupriya cries bitterly and says that his father married her with her past and she accepted Vansh, Ishani and Siya like her own kids.

Anupriya trapping Ridhima makes Vansh believe that Ridhima blackmailed her over her secret and forced her to everything that she wanted.

Anupriya plays emotional drama when Ridhima tries to prove her innocence.

Vansh shuts Ridhima's mouth and gets incensed angry at her.

Anupriya picks sword from Goddess Durga's idol and decides to sacrifice her life, the family stands shocked while Ridhima is broken down.


Ridhima sees Ragini's video in Vansh laptop where someone is going to kill her.

Vansh wakes up from sleep and sees Ridhima.

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