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Anupama 17th October 2020 Written Update Anirudh propose Kavya for remarriage copies Vanraj Anupama (Written Update)

Anupama 17th October 2020 Written Update Anirudh propose Kavya for remarriage just like Vanraj Anupama

Star Plus serial Anupama starts with Kavya requesting Panditji to wait for some more time.

Vanraj texts Kavya that he cannot make it for marriage and also texts I Love You to her.

Kavya slips in trauma where Anirudh comes on time and turns her support.

Kavya collapses on Anirudh’s arms.

On the other side in Shah House entire family is happy for Vanraj and Anupama’s marriage.

Vanraj worries for Kavya while Kavya is consoled by Anirudh.

Shockingly Anirudh propose Kavya for remarriage same like Vanraj and Anupama.

At the other hand Vanraj and Anupama exchange garland where Anupama is extremely delighted for the new beginning.

While Vanraj is worried for Kavya and hallucinates Kavya everywhere in his house.

Kinjal is very much happy while Rakhi wonders how Kinjal can be so happy in this Shah family and doubts her upbringing.

Sanjay Nandini and Paritosh keep eye on Vanraj and also wonders about Kavya.

Nandini informs Paritosh that she send Anirudh to handle Kavya.

Paritosh warns Nandini if Kavya enters Shah House he will not spare her this time.

Kavya books cab and leaves for Shah House.

While Anirudh fails to stop Kavya and calls up Nandini.

Nandini fails to answer Anirudh’s call.

Upcoming episode 19th October 2020 Precap:

Kavya leaves temple and sits in cab to reach Vanraj and Anupama’s house in furious mood.

Anirudh stands helpless over upcoming drama.

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