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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th November 2020 written update Ridhima vs Kabir deadly fight (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 10, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 10th November 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Ridhima receives Ragini's call when Ridhima asks about her kidnapper.

Ragini says Kabir's name but Kabir catches her and Ridhima only hears initial K.

Ridhima prays before God to help her when Ridhima recalling the sounds of train and temple bells tracks down the location.

Ridhima rushes to save Ragini while Anupriya takes Vansh's phone.

Anupriya instigates Vansh against Ridhima saying Ridhima just left for somewhere and seems suspicious.

Vansh shows his full trust in Ridhima while here Kabir locks Ragini in the room with poisonous air.

Ragini pleads for help but no use while Ridhima is on the way.

Ragini cries bitterly and starts feeling suffocated.

Kabir calls Anupriya and tells their plan is succeeding while Anupriya smirks saying now no one will ever know about who killed Vansh's mother.

Anupriya spills the truth saying neither Vansh nor Ridhima will know about Ragini.

Siya hears Anupriya talking to Kabir and gets shocked knowing the truth.

Ridhima reaches the factory and sees Ragini who is unconsciously taking her last breathes.

Ridhima breaks the glass door and finally gets Ragini out of the room.

Ridhima thinks finally she will take Ragini to Vansh and her marriage with Vansh will get fine.

Vansh notices the last number (Ragini's contact) and asks Angre to send him the last location.

Kabir sees Ridhima taking Ragini and gets shocked.

Siya calls Vansh and tells him about Anupriya killed their mother.

Unfortunately, Vansh doesn't hear her voice due to the weak network.

Siya in extreme danger 

Anupriya catches Siya when Siya splits all the truth.

Anupriya pushes Siya on the floor and puts a knife at her neck and threatens to kill her dead after she learned all her truths.

Vansh gets Angre's message which has Ragin's location and he rushes.

Kabir turns to stop Ridhima from taking away Ragini.

Siya hits Anupriya and hides while Anupriya is following her inside VR mansion.

Kabir hits Ridhima where Ridhima and Kabir have a drastic fight when Ridhima realizes that the person must be Ragini's kidnapper.

Ridhima is about to unveil mask from Kabir's face.


Kabir shoots Ragini dead before Ragini confesses his name to Ridhima.

Siya takes her last breathe in Vansh's arms and says Anupriya's name but before she could say, she dies and Anupriya says Ridhima's name.

Anupriya reveals Ridhima's confession recording to Vansh.

Kabir comes and arrests Vansh.

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