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Anupama 23rd June 2022 Written Update Major fraud in interior bill Anupama confronts Barkha (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on June 23, 2022


Anupama 23rd June 2022 Written Update Major fraud in interior bill Anupama confronts Barkha

The latest episode of Star Plus Anupama begins with Anuj asking Anupama to stay away from Shah family members.

However Anupama gets shocked to hear this from Anuj where she cannot stay away from Kinjal and her kids.

Anupama does not like Vanraj but she cannot help it as Vanraj is her kids father.

Anupama knows how she has tolerated Vanraj for all these 26 years.

On the other side Vanraj and Pakhi have a row where Vanraj wants Pakhi to stay out of that house and away from Anupama.

Pakhi revolts when she is not ready to obey Vanraj's orders.

Vanraj screams and ends the story.


Baa shocked to know about Kinjal's mishap

When Baa comes and she is shocked to know about Kinjal's mishap.

Pakhi goes crying in her room when Kavya tries to talk to her and console her.

Pakhi reminds Kavya about the past when Anupama never stopped Pakhi from meeting Vanraj but Vanraj is doing so and controlling them.

Vanraj sits and thinks that he has a problem with Anupama and the kids union.

Barkha also taunts Anupama as Anuj is always sidelined from her life and more importance is given only to Anupama and her dreamss and her family.


Anupama questions Barkha about the house interior bills not getting tallied as she has given the same to GK for cross checking.

Barkha is shocked to reply as her fraud is caught.


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