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Imlie 24th June 2022 written update Imlie exposed (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on June 24, 2022


Imlie 24th June 2022 written update

The current episode starts with Jyoti getting afraid when Aryan says that the culprit will get punished while here Imlie is thinking about Jyoti’s next plan.

Therefore, she gets an idea realizing Jyoti knows about Imlie that she is aware of her truth, but not Kairi.

Jyoti is thinking about Aryan when Kairi comes and starts crying.

While Kairi complains against Imlie, Jyoti just then thinks that the latter will help her in her plan as she also hates Imlie.

Aryan reaches hospital which is shockingly caught fire.

While Aryan recklessly runs to save Madhav and his mother, here Jyoti recalls how she asked Harry to put the hospital on fire.

Harry informs the Police that Aryan has attempted to kill Madhav and so they should arrest Aryan.

Police arrive and shockingly arrest Aryan leaving the latter shocked.

 Jyoti offers wine to Kairi but Imlie is pregnant. Thus, Imlie outsmarts Jyoti and acts like drunk before her.

Kairi instead makes Jyoti get drunk and finally learns about what she did with Madhav.

Jyoti reveals about how Madhav will die today due to the fire and this shakes Imlie to the core.

Kairi is shocked when Harry comes and stops her.

While Jyoti dances, Harry decides to leave but eventually gets stopped by Jyoti.

Imlie is angry when she suddenly comes to know from Aryan’s lawyer about his arrest.

The former realizes that Jyoti is trying to trap Aryan.


Aryan is arrested 

Kairi reaches the police station when the Inspector yells at her.

Kairi acts like she has come to clean the place while she meets Aryan and asks about what he is doing here.

Aryan reveals his issues with Imlie and says how he went to check on Madhav after Imlie asked him to do so.

Imlie feels happy knowing Aryan tried to think about her.


Kairi becomes Imlie when Harry catches her.

Harry confronts Imlie.


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