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Faltu 23rd November 2022 written update Rujula gives shelter to Faltu on Ayaan's request (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: | Updated: November 23, 2022 07:11 AM IST

Faltu 23rd November 2022 written update Rujula gives shelter to Faltu on Ayaan's request


Episode begins with Siddharth asking Ayaan to clear things out that where was he?

Tanisha also questions him why he left after their engagement.

Ayaan says he brought Rujula with him and their family function is incomplete without her presence.

Janardan tells Kanika that he always knew Ayaan is responsible.

Rujula recalls how Ayaan came to her house with Faltu.

In flashback, Ayaan tells Rujula about Faltu's dream and the obstacles she faced in her village.

So he requests Rujula to give shelter to Faltu.

Faltu reveals how she is passionate towards cricket and she can do anything to accomplish that.

She will also inspire the young girls.

She assures Ayaan she will fulfil his wish and his expectations too by being the best cricketer.

Pappi decides to go to Mumbai

Rujula's husband also greets Faltu and then Rujula asks Ayaan to go home after knowing he got engaged today with Tanisha.

Ayaan insists her to accompany him as she is Mittal family's daughter.

Rujula denies at first but then she agrees, flashback ends.

Savita supports Ayaan's decision and says he did the right thing.

Tanisha is confused about certain things and she asks Ayaan about that if he has any doubts.

He hides about Faltu from his family as this is not the right time to talk about her.

Faltu gets high fever and Rujula's husband decides to inform Ayaan but she stops him.

She says Ayaan should focus on his engagement now.

Faltu talks to her parents and notifies them about her whereabouts.

Angoori overhears Charan and Jamna's talk.

Then she informs Ratan andPappi about it.

Pappi calls Faltu and asks her to come back to Ittarpur else he will destroy Ayaan's Mart.

Faltu shuts him up with her reply.

Her parents ask Pappi not to trouble their daughter.

Precap- Pappi thinks of going to Mumbai to find Faltu.

He also calls Siddharth to ask about Faltu.

There Ayaan promises Tanisha from now on he will only focus on their wedding.

Ayaan doubts that Faltu is hidden inside Rujula's house.

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