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Patiala Babes: Arya throws tantrum Mini recalls childhood with Babita (Upcoming Story)

Patiala Babes: Arya (Saisha Bajaj) throws tantrum Mini (Ashnoor Kaur) recalls childhood with Babita

The upcoming track of Sony TV show Patiala Babes will showcase interesting twist and turn.

It was earlier seen that Mini returns back home where she gets the shocking news of Babita and Hanuman’s demise.

Mini feels shattered that she could not meet Babita and left annoyed.

Mini thus decides to leave back home but Arya stops her behind to inaugurate their new restaurant Patiala Babes.

Mini thus gets Arya ready for the event where Arya dislikes Mini’s choices.

Mini recalls her childhood and tries to connect with Arya

Arya throws tantrums where Mini too recalls her childhood where she used to dislike Babita’s choices.

Mini thus lets Arya do whatever she want and live her lifestyle in her choice.

It would be really interesting to see how the story shapes up further.

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