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Sanjivani 2 9th October 2019 written update (Tv Serial)

Sanjivani 2 9th October 2019 written update

The current episode starts with Shashank and Juhi's conversation.

Juhi questions Shashank if he really loves her. Shashank reminds Juhi of their past relationship when they were good friends and were helpful to each other.

Shashank asks Juhi if it is all called love.

Here Sid, Ishani, Aman and Aisha do wedding preparations in Sanjivani hospital.

Anjali is busy in surgery while she is in anger, Vardhan watches her and thinks it is the right time.

Sid sees Ishani sleeping while she is sitting on the couch.

Sid comes and lovingly makes her lie on the couch, he gets caressing her face that suddenly Ishani wakes up.

Ishani and Sid share a romantic eye-lock moment.

Sid teases Ishani while Ishani starts imagining herself.

Meanwhile, the inner soul of Ishani asks Ishani to not confess her love so soon and let Sid first confess it.

Ishani shocks Sid by confessing that she doesn't loves him and Sid's fate is not such good that she will love him.

Vardhan gifts a saree to Anjali and apologizes for his mistakes.

Vardhan convinces Anjali and compels her to wear the same saree in the next day function, Anjali gets angry at him.

Sid and Ishani's love fight

Ishani convinces herself that she cannot love Sid as Sid is not her type.

Sid confronts Ishani and asks about her feelings again.

Again Ishani's soul makes Ishani realize her crazy love for Sid while Sid questions Ishani if she is suffering from any loveria or dengue.

Sid and Ishani have nok-jhok while Ishani questions Sid if he is hoping that she would fall in love with him.


Ishani's finger gets injured with a needle that Sid sucks the blood while he calls himself lion and will eat Ishani.

Ishani gets stunned while Sid makes fun of her.

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