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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2020 written update (Written Update)

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Rudraksh and Saransh are on the way where Saransh wants to call him Papa or Uncle but Rudraksh compels him to call him Rudra and or by his name.

Saransh gets bored that Rudraksh plays FM but they fight over the channel and argue.

Saransh tells his favorite song that Rudraksh sees Rajeev in him thinking sometimes he sees Prisha in him but the other moment he looks like Rajeev.

Here Yuvraj is getting mad after Saransh’s legal custody went in Rudraksh’s hands.

Meanwhile the Judges governing panel calls for a meeting with Yuvraj where Yuvraj come.

The panel questions Yuvraj about his verdict where how he can give death sentence to Prisha as it is given when the crime is big.

Yuvraj confesses saying Prisha did a brutal murder where a man died while the Judge asks that the judgment should be biased after all she is his fiancée.

The authority clarifies the details where the lawyers didn’t argue where he gave the verdict within 10 minds while he reminds that Prisha is a doctor and her record is fine so how can he prove her murderer.

The authorities remove Yuvraj from the Judge post cancel his license because the law not bigger than anybody.

Yuvraj gets shocked while Judges refuse to hear anything anymore.

Rudraksh reaches home with Saransh where Balraj and Ahana refuse to let him stay while Ahana calls him dirt.

Rudraksh confronts everyone while asking about the reason. He says he brought him because he has a cute face.

Balraj refuses to let Saransh stay that he takes final decision.

Shockingly Rudraksh gets ready to leave if Saransh will not stay in the house.

Lastly Balraj agrees saying Saransh will surely get a home but he will never become a part of their family.

Yuvraj meets Prisha and reveals everything where Prisha gets concerned for him.

Yuvraj is then shocked knowing Prisha gave Saransh’s full custody to Rudraksh.

Rudraksh and Saransh's new beginning

Yuvraj acts worried for Saransh but Prisha is sure that Rudraksh will take good care of him after he thinks Saransh is her and Rajeev’s son.

Yuvraj leaves for some important work and later cries bitterly realizing everything his career and his all ruined.

Ruraksh and aransh again argue over food when Saransh is given junk food while he asks Rudraksh to ask Prisha.

Saransh calls him vampire when angry while when he lovingly hugs Rudraksh, Rudraksh gets emotional recalling Rajeev.

Rudraksh cries in washroom missing Rajeev and then blames Prisha for killing his brother, he swears to get her hanged and dead.


Saransh takes care of sick Rudraksh while here Pisha is going to get hanged.

Rudraksh marries Mishika that Saransh feels upset.

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