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Kriti Sanon turns voice for donation to help SNEHA NGO fight domestic violence (Bollywood latest gossip)

Kriti Sanon urges fans for donation to help SNEHA NGO fight domestic violence

Taking to the Instagram, actress Kriti Sanon took an initiative supporting SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action) NGO.

Kriti Sanon became Lalita and other many victims of domestic abuse who are going unheard as they are locked up with their abusers in the lockdown.

Kriti Sanon also mentioned how the rising numbers of cases have put tremendous pressure on the resources of SNEHA, and NGO that has been fighting domestic violence since 20 years.

Where SNEHA NGO needs to raise funds to raise the resources to tackle domestic violence,

Kriti Sanon urges fans that they can choose to lend their voice by making donations.

Kriti Sanon has always been active when it comes to some social welfare.

Recently she shared a video of an old artist in the daily soap Humari Bahu Silk who hasn’t got his payment and is facing a hard time in this quarantine.

Kriti Sanon also requested producers to pay everyone their dues and clear the pending payments of their employees.

Kriti Sanon inspiring fans 

Kriti Sanon is not only an actress by profession but she is also inspiring her fans by her such acts of social welfare or taking stand.

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