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Karan Johar confession on nepotism getting viral, check his double standard statement (Latest Update)

Karan Johar’s double standard for Sushant Singh Rajput exposed

It was seen that Kangana ranaut also exposed the game and propaganda in bollywood where they cast only star kids and other people either they are struggling or not are getting humiliated.

Bollywood is also showing concern over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death but somewhere everyone is aware that bollywood gave much depression to Sushant which led to his death.

Everyone is blaming Karan Johar who always supported Nepotism and also humiliated Sushant Singh Rajput many times.

Karan Johar’s statement on Nepotism

Amid all this Karan Johar’s gossip video is getting viral on tiktok where Karan Johar confessed that its his life, he will decide whom he will launch either his cousin brother or cousin sister or friend or family.

“ Am not in this industry to pick up anyone who is struggling and give him work”.. This all shows double standard of Karan Johar.

Where along with this on his Instagram post Karan Johar showed sympathy for Sushant Rajput and shared that he will not do same mistake again.

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