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Kumkum Bhagya Latest News: Abhi Pragya to die to get Prachi Rhea mystery unfold (Upcoming Twist)

Kumkum Bhagya Latest News: Abhi Pragya to take last breathe in hospital

Abhi and Pragya are going to die in the upcoming episode story of ZEE top TV serial Kumkum Bhagya.

Abhi and Pragya finally meet after the long gap of eight years.

Abhi and Pragya complaint to each other and regret their decision of separation.

Abhi and Pragya both decide to start a fresh life from now on but before they could get out of the lift, the lift breaks down trapping them in danger.

Abhi and Pragya meet tragedy where after they are hospitalized.

The love for which Abhi and Pragya were making promises in their last moments will now break into pieces.

Abhi is taking his last breathe while Pragya is too losing her lifeline.

Abhi and Pragya’s agnipariksha

Abhi and Pragya’s most awaited love story which just now came back on track is once again losing the track.

Pragya and Abhi are now giving their agnipariksha where to survive the life is going to be their biggest challenge.

However apart from this, will Abhi and Pragya’s such critical state together will unfold Rhea and Prachi’s sister truth is a worth watching twist in Kumkum Bhagya.

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